Director's Message

I warmly welcome to all ours aspiring channel partners & valuable citizens.
My friends no one could have ever thought that a small company started from a small town will achieve a milestone in this king size battery industry in such a short span of time and set a benchmark for the other competitors to rethink, to re innovate their technologies because SYANO once gain created a Electronics REVOLUTION in this industry.
We proudly say yes we did it, we achieve it & we are improving day by day but this unrealistic dream could only happen with your precious support, trust and understanding with the SYANO brand.
We do not believe in rocket science, only believe in one marketing strategy, one formula and one principle that is TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFICATION, therefore our focus is to satisfy the needs of the customer with the best products in terms of innovation, quality, consistency, reliability,developing a BRAND that DIFFERS FROM OTHERS.
I am whole heartedly thankful to my channel partners, customers and the priceless people associated with the SYANO family. My friends we are constantly striving towards increasing our efficiency, production capacity and rearing up new units at various locations of india.
SYANO only needs one thing-Your valuable support in our journey to be a Global leader.

Mr. Arun Soam (Managing Director)