The year 2000 did not just signify the end of century but it also ended up the old technologies used in the electrical and electronics items.
By 2013 time has changed, today each and every company is improvising their technology day by day to be the number 'one' in the market, we must say it's a kind of a cold war in technology and innovation between the technocrats.
In 2007 another challenger in this segment was born with a passion to become the number one player in automotive batteries.
Today that young challenger has proven his ability to compete among the masters of this trade to become the major competitor of this game.
When strong will join hands with passion then success itself falls on the foot, this fact of the life is truly deserveby the syano company M.D.(Mr. Arun Soam).

About Us

After having the experience of more than 10 years, decided to manufacture a high charge retention ratio battery by the brand name called SYANO. The company was incorporated on 22 January 2007 under the visionary of young and dynamic MR. Arun Soam as the founder of company. The company also have been certified with ISO 9001:2000 cettification by BSI (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Our identity is our quality that's why our innovative products which have set us apart from the rest there by delivering ahigh quality products for the customer convenience and ensuring the value for their money.

The company currently manufactures solar inverter batteries under the brand name Syano. Apart from this the company also sell solar inverter. Company is also engaged in the line if renewable power generation as an Independent Power Producer specially in the field is solar energy. We are into manufacturing of air coolers also.

We are registered Channel Partner with MNRE for Solar Projects.